Monday, April 30, 2012


Why is it called Carbars world. well my mom would always call me Carbar when i was little oh sorry i just exaggerated i ALWAYS do that. anyway i just wanted to show you a picture of me when i was little. i am the one on the right my little sis Sarah is on the bottom holding her bear, Crayton my big bro on top, and Noelle big sis, and the bottom picture is my little bro Gidion. and here is Crayton as he ALWAYS is, and Sarah under him, Noelle skating... i don't know who that is! well there's us.


hi you may be wondering what i look like well i guess hmm... whats that word oh i remember HANDSOME!!!!!!!! here are some pictures of me sorry about that i don't know were that came from anyway that is me  

tooth fairy movie rating

movie rating here is how it works i will say a movie, talk about it, and then rate it 1-10. OK and here is the first movie. the tooth fairy it is a pretty good movie with Dwain(the rock) Jonson who is a hockey player nicknamed the tooth fairy who just ran into people all the time and knock there teeth out. and than one day he got a letter to become a tooth fairy, grew wings, went to fairyland, met a guy who looks like a walking tooth pick with big tuna eyes, turns into a tooth fairy, turns back into human, goes to pros in hockey, probably gets married, and i give this movie a 6.


I hate commercials they are so boring and so annoying, Especially the ones about vacuum cleaners, there always saying there vacuum's are the best and we are all like ( that's what they said on the box of our vacuum) And i can not believe how many makeup commercials there are out there keep your skin smooth they say, and you will look like me they say. Any-who out of all commercials i will have to say my least favorite commercial is the WUGGEL PET one. also having my least favorite jingle it is very irritating.and commercials just get in the way of the movie. and that is why i hate them.        

Just the Begining

Hi, my name is Carson! I like playing football, and I absolutely LOVE eating! My favorite food is Twinkies, (though I don't get them very often). And my favorite real food is bananas! I love the color pink, and I want to have that color explode onto my bedroom walls! Although I share a room with my brother, who does not like pink rooms. So my room is not pink. I am a sibling to two sisters and two brothers. And that is just the beginning...